DO Montsant was established only in 2001 when the prime vineyards of high-altitude Falset won separate status from Tarragona.

The area is made up of a particularly dynamic set of producers and its vineyards form an almost complete circle around Priorato. Indeed a number of winemakers work in both DOs and they can often be seen comparing notes at El Cairat restaurant in Falset. (A visit to this restaurant is highly recommended if you’re visiting the town complete with its castle and palaces.)

Montant’s soils are not on the same high calibre level as those of Priorato with the exception of Falset and Cornudella de Montsant where the highly prized llicorella (slate and quartzite) features but there is an interesting combination of soils across the DO including chalk, slate and granitic.

Like its illustrious neighbour, Montsant produces concentrated red wines from old vine Garnacha Tinta and Cariñena and international grapes have adapted well here in recent years. Montsant’s producers are a combination of modern co-operatives and family bodegas. They are united in their quest for high quality making this a DO to watch closely.