Bullas is the most southern of the DOs of the Levant; it shares a border with Andalusia to the west and the plains of the Mediterranean lie to the east. The region has much in common with Jumilla in terms of grapes and there has been a similar quest for quality in Bullas. The move away from bulk production to quality bottled wines was clearly evident by the early 1990s and DO status was granted in 1994 easing the way to export development.

Monastrell is the big story here. The variety accounts for the lion’s share of the region’s wines, indeed DO regulations state that reds and rosés must contain at least 60% of this local grape of character. White wines are produced in far lesser quantities although a fairly wide selection of varieties can be found (see below).

The vineyards of the DO are located mostly around the towns and villages surrounding the picturesque town of Bullas. The highest vineyards, in the western area, are located at 500-800 metres and the cooler temperatures here have particularly significance for quality in this hot southern Mediterranean climate.

Bullas is strongly associated with young, fruity rosé wines but the pendulum is swinging towards more reds – generally young, fresh, lively styles which are sometimes lightly oaked to enhance their fruit character. Bullas is a region to watch closely. See also: DOs of Jumilla, Yecla and Alicante.