One of the youngest of the DOs of Castilla y León, Arlanza lies to the north of Ribera del Duero. The vineyards are located in the middle and lower areas of the River Arlanza valley making this a particularly scenic region.

To the east, towards the Sierra de Covarrubias Mountains, vineyards can be found at over 1,000 metres above sea level – vine growing is possible due to a series of microclimates and the protection of the mountains. This area is also drier than the west and the risk of spring frosts lasts for a longer period. In the west the vineyards are situated at about 700 metres and the conditions are less extreme.

In view of the altitude, the long cold winters and the hot dry summers producers have chosen to focus on Tinta del País, the variety which has proved to give the best results in the region. Small amounts of other varieties are grown including a number of French varieties indeed Petit Verdot is adapting well to the region.